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Work is the key to being able to live the life you want.  When things go wrong in your career, your life does not need to be derailed.  Whether you are a business owner who needs to make sure your company is operating in compliance with the law, or an individual in transition, we can help.   

Our firm offers real, down to earth solutions to try to stop problems before they stop you.  When that can't be achieved, we are committed to being zealous advocates, fighting to achieve your goals. 



RANDI M. Cohen, ESQ.

Randi is a labor and employment counselor and litigator who specializes in helping individuals and small businesses achieve their goals and minimize risk. 

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Randi offers a wide array of services that address any manner of workplace issues. Here's what we specialize in and how we can be of assistance. 

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Randi has earned the trust and respect of clients and colleagues from all walks of life. Hear what others say about their experiences and why she was the right choice for them. 

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