Honest and Knowledgable

I am very lucky to have worked with Randi as she was an attorney for my staffing company. She is honest, knowledgeable, advocates for her clients and works well with all parties involved. She always went above and beyond and was quick to reply to inquiries with thorough explanations. Randi always kept in contact with important details and up to date information. I would recommend Randi to anyone with any type of employment related issue or for consulting.

Abigail M.

simplifying legalese 

Randi has advised me on a number of legal issues I've encountered as a small business owner regarding general guidance or contract review. She has always been very responsive and she's an incredibly clear communicator- she can simplify legalese and translate it in a relatable manner with confidence. She also brings a level of fun and zest to the table that makes her very easy to work with.

Justis B.

Smart and Experienced

I've known Randi since law school. I ask her advice and review case matters with her because I value her opinion. She's smart and experienced. I'm also honored to call her co-counsel.

Jamie R.


Randi represented and advised me on two different employment disputes. In both cases, not only did she demonstrate a deep knowledge of the law, but more distinctly, an exemplary ability to discern the best path towards resolution. I was happy with the course we took and the outcome of both cases. Randi is extremely capable and more importantly, trustworthy, and I would undoubtedly work with her in the future. 

Alice L.

she ensures that I ask the right questions

Every time I have transitioned between jobs, I have taken my questions and concerns about the accompanying paperwork to Randi. Her deep well of knowledge helps me make sure everything's on the up-and-up. She has never steered me wrong, and she ensures that I ask the right questions and get the best compensation. She's the first person I think of when I'm considering switching jobs, and I'm grateful for her expertise.

Jed B. 


Exceptional Advisor

Randi was an exceptional advisor in the areas of labor relations and employment law for our clients at HR Dynamics. She represented their interests exceeding well as evidenced by the feedback from our clients. I highly recommend her.

Sam H.

Meticulous and Reliable

I highly recommend Ms. Melnick for her work in labor related issues in financial services. She was extremely professional in dealing with my sensitive legal questions and issues. Randi is intelligent, meticulous, and extremely reliable in the work she does in this field.

Stewart L. 

Honesty and Compassionate

I have had the privilege to work with Randi for well over a year now; she is highly intelligent, meticulous and thorough, organized and reliable, and demonstrates honesty and compassion to all with whom she encounters in the workplace.

Anastasia F.


Time of transition

I had the good fortune to work with Randi during a time of great transition in our organization. Both of us were relatively new, and she did a great job filling in for her previous direct supervisor while continuing to build credible relationships with her internal customers.
Randi is a highly effective communicator with a strong technical knowledge of Employment and Labor law. She is a skilled researcher and is able to think outside the box to find win-win solutions to difficult problems. I strongly recommend her.

Elliot W.


Responsive and honest

I own Abigail Madison Nanny and Household, Inc. which an employment agency in New York and Randi is one of the best lawyers that I have ever retained for my company. I have worked with many lawyers over the years and Randi is by far one of the most knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and honest lawyers. I would have no hesitation to recommend Randi to anyone seeking help with an employment related issue or for business consulting.


Meticulous and Available

Randi is detailed oriented and meticulous in her work. I used her services for a contract we recently aquired and it was her help that got us our contract. She is super responsive and seems to always be available to help. Very knowledgeable and fluent with navigating the legal arena. 5 Stars!!

Patient Counsel

Randi provided me with thoughtful and practical advice after thoroughly researching my situation. I spoke with her for a consultation, and she never rushed me off of the phone.


Compassionate and Hard-Working

I have worked with Randi on many matters over the past several years. She is smart, compassionate, hard-working and definitely knows her stuff. Her work in the area of employment law has been exceptional and I recommend her without reservation.

eye for fairness

Randi is an extraordinarily competent and compassionate lawyer. She is undoubtedly the first employment lawyer I'd seek to help with any employment-related agreement or dispute. She's a compelling advocate with a keen eye for fairness between all parties.